Approach/ Experience 

I practice psychotherapy through a systemic and humanistic lens. I believe that we are impacted by the systems we live in and the relationships we are surrounded by. As we move through this world, we may find that the impacts from our systems and relationships become too great to hold alone. My practice is built to support individuals and groups of people to weave understanding and growth into their life experiences and connect it back to one another. I value creating a safe and trusting space for people to feel comfortable enough to step into vulnerability. It is through trust and vulnerability that growth can occur.

My theoretical approach is rooted in humanism. I value the uniqueness of each person that walks into my office and I see them as a whole being with a drive towards self-actualization. We all are deserving of realizing and expressing our truest, most authentic selves connected to our capabilities and creativity. I utilize a variety of theoretical modalities alongside humanistic therapy including Gestalt, mindfulness-based practices, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy®, Emotion-Focused Therapy®, and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR™).

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I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I graduated with a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology with a focus on Marriage and Family Therapy from the California State University, Northridge. I am an associate member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and maintain licensure through continuing education requirements. 

I started my career in downtown Los Angeles at The Salvation Army, working with homeless male war veterans with PTSD and addiction in a residential setting. From there I began my journey in working with those struggling with eating disorders and exercise addiction. After several years of working with Monte Nido & Affiliates, I gained invaluable experience and knowledge in the assessment and treatment of eating disorders. While with Monte Nido & Affiliates, I had the opportunity to work at various levels of care including residential treatment centers, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programming. I worked at the Eating Disorder Center of Portland, where I acted as the Lead Therapist. My experience has grounded me in the Health at Every Size® movement, Intuitive Eating, joyful movement, and mind-body-soul connection. I have a great passion for the work that I do and gratitude for every person that has trusted me in sharing their stories. If you’re thinking of starting therapy and need support in understanding the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I would be happy to review the process and help determine how we can help reach your goals.